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Americas: Tetra Pak program to help bring product innovation to market


Tetra Pak launched its new Marketing Services program at Pack Expo Las Vegas recently that involves its customers in a collaborative journey – from idea generation, through product and package design to launch.

The program includes:

– working with customers to understand their ambition,

– exploring potential opportunities,

– defining brand positioning,

– prototyping product formulations,

– designing the package,

– supporting the launch,

– evaluating consumer feedback, and

– refining the product until it achieves market success.

The modular nature of program enables food manufacturers to select what is right for them: working alongside Tetra Pak, either through the entire process or using elements to meet their needs.

“For years, Tetra Pak has shared market insights and product concepts with customers,” explains Libby Costin, VP marketing.

“Now, with Marketing Services, we are able to support brands in a more collaborative, comprehensive and cohesive way.”

A feature of the concept is the network of Customer Innovation Centres (CICs) now being constructed by Tetra Pak in key locations around the world, providing resources for collaboration projects.

Each CIC is fitted with tools and technologies designed to support brainstorming, research, product design and development, as well as formulation testing.

CICs will be located in Denton, Texas, and around the world in Brazil, China, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Sweden and United Arab Emirates.