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Americas: Flint Group releases retort lamination ink system


Flint Group unveils VarioLam RT, a retort lamination ink system for the North American flexographic and rotogravure packaging market.

The system does not require cross linkers to provide high bond strengths on a wide range of film structures. VarioLam RT consists of two product names:

– RTF – signifying the flexo ink system;

– RTG – signifying the rotogravure ink system.

These flexo and rotogravure inks will enable the printing of high definition graphics that can withstand the heat and pressure of the retort process that allows extended shelf life of food products.

“We identified that Flint Group needed to develop a retort ink system that would meet four critical areas: the system needed to be non vinyl based, and use a standard solvent package – no MEK [Methyl ethyl ketone] was allowed,” says Timothy Wagner, product manager, Flexible Packaging North America.

“The system could not utilise any cross-linkers, and finally had to be designed with the goal of meeting 1,500 feet per minute minimum.”

VarioLam RT delivers adhesion on corona treated polyethylene terephthalate (PET), acrylic coated PET, aluminum oxide coated and silicon oxide coated PET, and nylon films.