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Europe: Amcor Flexibles, Brace’s Bakery redesigned packaging for family breads

In 1902 George Brace and his family started making bread to supply their local Welsh community.

Demand increased steadily and Brace’s reputation grew fast.

The company is now run by the fourth generation and in spite of fierce competition over the years, has retained its leading position in Wales and the West of England thanks to its reputation for quality and consistency.

It has called upon the Amcor Flexibles Bakery team to wrap its extensive range of Family Bread with superior packaging.

In September 2014, Jonathan Brace partnered with Amcor as the family prepared for a redesign of their 20 types of family bread.

“It was a big challenge for the team in AF Ledbury due to the tight-timing,” explained Dean Stanford, fresh, dairy & capsules flexo development manager.

“However we saw it as a perfect opportunity to use our Vivid color palette across the entire Brace’s range by removing all spot colors and at the same time, improving the vibrancy of the individual colors.”

“Our new range is now in store and we are delighted with the way the design stands out on shelf,” said Brace.

“The printed image perfectly reflects the fine design detail we hoped to achieve and by working with Amcor’s Vivid color palette, we have also been able to improve our Carbon Footprint due to the reduction in colors”.

“Using our Amcor ASSET tool, we have been able to quantify the actual carbon footprint saving gained by removing 25 spot colors,” added James Beresford-Wylie, sales manager, bakery.

“The saving is equivalent to 118 short haul flights which is all the more impressive when you see the quality of the design achieved with Vivid.”

With Brace’s excellence in bread-making and the superior pack design and carbon footprint improvement delivered by Amcor Bakery, the old superstition holds true:  ‘all the bread will be eaten and the next day will be good’.