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Europe: DSM introduces cheese cultures for Pasta Filata

DSM’s cultures, DelvoCheese CP-200, are developed for producing Pasta Filata. Together with the recently launched coagulant Maxiren XDS, the new ingredient helps to extend the shelf life of cheese.

Cheese producers of Pasta Filata cheeses-mozzarella, provolone, pizza and string cheese – depend heavily on a robust and consistent cheese production in order to stay cost competitive and remain the first choice for their customers.

Attributes such as shelf life stability, texture and taste help producers create higher value products.

The new cultures can be used with coagulant Maxiren XDS to further enhance the flexibility in both production and processing.

Both products are low in proteolysis over shelf life, creating flexibility in further cheese processing with less cheese losses and improved functional benefits such as optimized stretch and cheese browning when used on pizza.

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