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Europe: 37,000 customers pledge to recycle with Coca-Cola Enterprises, Tesco


Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd (CCE) and Tesco have announced the results of a joint campaign designed to encourage people to recycle at home.

The Together We’re Making Recycling Count online initiative provided fun and engaging information for Tesco customers, including general tips on recycling and a video from CCE.

Online visitors were invited to make a pledge to recycle in return for a 50p ($0.82) off voucher for Coca-Cola, Diet Coke or Coke Zero, or 25 additional Tesco Clubcard reward points.

Approximately 37,000 pledges were received in total and the campaign reached a wide audience, with over seven million viewing recycle messages on Tesco.com.

More than two thirds of participants who previously never, or only occasionally, recycled said they are now ‘always’ or ‘mostly’ recycling as a result of the campaign, showing how greater awareness can make a big difference.

Developed jointly between CCE and Tesco, and executed online from June 2013, the campaign website offered a range of recycling information including the “Happier Planet” video, outlining CCE’s system for reprocessing plastic bottles and returning them to GB shop shelves as new products.

Six weeks after the launch, participants received a follow up email to check on recycling progress and offer a chance to receive additional incentives.

To further understand the impact of the initiative phone interviews were carried out with a selection of customers who made a pledge as part of the campaign.

These interviews highlighted an increased understanding of the wider environmental benefits of recycling as well as the positive reaction of consumers to pledging.