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Americas: Ball Receives award at 2013 Canmaker Summit


Ball Corporation has received the Can of the Year honors for three packaging innovations at the 2013 Canmaker Summit that held in December in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In the beverage two-piece category, the Coors Light World’s Most Refreshing Can won a gold award and the Coca-Cola Dynamark can won a silver award.

In the aerosol category, the Fa Sport Ultimate Dry impact extruded can won a silver award.

The Coors Light “World’s Most Refreshing Can” combines several different innovative features, including a double-vented wide mouth for a smoother pour, a Frost Brew liner to lock in the Frost Brewed taste, cold-activated mountains and two-stage cold indicators.

Launched in early April 2013, the winning Coca-Cola can features Ball’s newly developed Dynamark variable printing technology, which can be integrated into the existing printing process for all sizes of steel and aluminum cans.

By enabling up to 24 different monochromatic graphic elements to be added to a defined vacant area of, or supplemental to, the basic can design, Dynamark can incorporate logos, icons or individualized messages into the can appearance.

Dynamark allows variability in the graphic design at normal production speed.

An international competition sponsored each year by The Canmaker, the Can of the Year awards celebrate innovation in cans and closures throughout the metal packaging industry.