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Europe: Essentra Tear Tapes releases improved tape

Essentra Tear Tapes has launched Rippatape X, which is made using a specialised 75micron Monoaxially Orientated Polypropylene or MOPP film.

Rippatape X provides fast, safe and easy access to a pack’s contents.

Its water-based adhesive solution does not impede the recycling of materials that it is applied to, ensuring both the tape and board can be processed through established recycling facilities.

The tape removes the need for knives or any other sharp implements in the opening of packaging, reducing the risk of product damage or possible personal injury.

The clean and safe opening also ensures the product pack remains intact for any potential returns, avoiding the costs and impact on the environment from needing to supply extra packaging.

Its tamper-evident nature gives a clear indication if a package has been opened previously.

“Rippatape X has been designed to be easily applied to new and existing production lines at speeds of up to 450 metres a minute at the point of manufacture by using Essentra’s custom build applicators,” says Ian Beresford, Head of Marketing and Development.

“The addition of Rippatape X delivers easy opening across the latest paper, corrugated and fibreboard packaging, protecting goods from damage while also providing evidence of tampering or packs being previously opened.”

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