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Europe: Box folding system wins award


Bobst has received the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers gold award for Best Innovation 2017 for its Premium Gap Control.

The BOBST Premium Gap Control is an independent unit positioned after the counter ejector on the Flexo Folder Gluer.

It ensures that 100% of delivered boxes are folded exactly to specifications, it removes non-compliant packaging, therefore reducing waste, cost and operator time.

Each bundle is scanned on both sides; the front and back gaps of every single box are displayed on a user-friendly screen.

If it is green, it is within specification, if it is red then the bundle is ejected.

The system displays the statistics of the last jobs produced, letting the operator know how many boxes were ejected, if any, and why.

This information enables the operator to optimize the machine’s settings and see the benefits immediately.