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Europe: Kotkamills offers uncoated folding boxboard


Finland’s Kotkamills adds AEGLE Zero, an uncoated folding boxboard with an uncoated reverse to its range of packaging materials.

AEGLE Zero is a special uncoated packaging grade, suitable for food and non-food end-uses, where a natural look is as important as excellent printability and conversion properties.

The grade is made from the same virgin Nordic fiber that AEGLE Pro and AEGLE White are made from and offers the same opportunity for creative design.

Printability, CD stiffness and value are all offered by this special new grade.

“The tactile and natural looking surface of AEGLE Zero provides the opportunity for creative packaging design where values of pure, organic quality are implicit in the final product choice,” says David Ingham, sales director consumer boards.

“It offers a real opportunity for packaging differentiation and is suitable for a range of printing processes and finishing techniques, like hot and cold foiling.”

AEGLE Zero is produced in the range of 305 to 615 micron.