Home Automation Europe: Tetra Pak serves customers with Microsoft technologies

Europe: Tetra Pak serves customers with Microsoft technologies

Tetra Pak has launched a suite of new services for its customers, focusing on improving the ability to predict machine errors, accelerating response times, and giving the customer faster, direct access to global expertise.

Powered by Microsoft technology, these breakthrough digital solutions will boost manufacturers’ efficiency, cut costs, ensure food safety, and ultimately drive their business forward.

Tetra Pak will showcase the technologies at the 2017 Hannover Messe, April 24-28 in collaboration with Microsoft.

Tetra Pak’s new service solutions for maintenance, issues monitoring and resolution center around:

Connected workforce – Empowered with wearable technology, local Tetra Pak service engineers at customer sites are now able to connect directly with global Tetra Pak specialists wherever they are, providing real-time, expert support to customers.

Advanced analytics – Data from filling lines around the world is collected into a central database from where it can be accessed and analyzed by a team of Tetra Pak’s global experts.

The robust database means that advanced analysis can be used to predict issues and optimize machine performance.

Connected solutions – All equipment at the customer plant can be connected to the Microsoft Azure cloud system managed by Tetra Pak, enabling machines at different production stages such as processing, filling and distribution to communicate with each other and synchronize.

This gives the customer an overview of the plant and offers performance optimization opportunities for the whole production.

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