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Europe: Sormac units display their gentle side for drying vegetables


Sormac will present its new generation of SC centrifuges for the first time at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin from February 8-10, 2017.

The SC-740 and SC-940 centrifuges for delicate leafy vegetables have been upgraded and are now equipped with an integrated outfeed belt.

This ensures optimal feed-through of the centrifuge system, resulting in even more efficient product processing.
Nearly 200 SC centrifuges have been sold for drying leafy vegetables.

At the Fruit Logistica, Sormac will present an upgrade of this machine.

“The upgraded SC centrifuges are, among other things, equipped with an integrated outfeed belt,” says sales director Roy Lemmen.

“This improves the feed-through of the centrifuge system.”

“Despite the batchwise operation of the centrifuge, a continuous product flow from and to the centrifuge is created for a smoother processing.”

Minimal damage

Using the SC centrifuges, there is minimal movement of the product during loading and during the drying process.

“Drying delicate leafy vegetables is a finely tuned process and needs to be done extremely carefully,” says Lemmen.

“Therefore the product is distributed very uniformly in the inclined drum, creating a thin layer.”

“This prevents the leafy vegetables from damaging one another under the influence of the high centrifugal forces.”

“During centrifuging, every leaf remains at the same place where it ended up during loading.”

“For this reason, unlike many other machines in the market, the Sormac centrifuge is excellently suitable for drying delicate leafy vegetables.”