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Europe: Austrian beverage packs in Elopak’s cartons


Italian retailer MD Discount has expanded the fruit juice market with a new range of its ViviLand branded ambient juices featuring four new varieties not seen before in Italy.

Introduced in April this year, the five ViviLand products are co-packed by Pfanner in 1L Pure-Pak Diamond cartons with a large closure.

The range includes strawberry, blackcurrant, mango-passion fruit, pomegranate and an apple variety that was previously on the market in a different package.

“The largely ambient juice market in Italy is dominated by traditional flavors such as peach, apricot, orange and pineapple,” explains Jacopo La Rosa, Elopak’s sales manager in Italy.

“But here MD has really brought new tastes to the Italian consumer who is increasingly in search of more choice.”

“The popular apple juice has been re-styled and re-launched with the new juice varieties in Pure-Pak cartons,” he says.

“The large closures are featured in different colors for an eye catching package and very colorful display in-store.”

Based in Austria, the Hermann Pfanner Getränke is an international beverage producer that has been producing fruit juice since 1933.

Pfanner supplies beverage products to European markets including Germany, Italy, France, Romania and Czech Republic.

The company co-packs for retailers and manufacturers worldwide across its wide range of beverages including fruit juices, fruit drinks, energy drinks, iced teas, specialty beverages and other soft drinks.