Home Countries Europe: Celanese exhibits tribology plastics at K 2016

Europe: Celanese exhibits tribology plastics at K 2016


Celanese Corporation will highlight at K 2016 the polymers that help these manufacturers keep their machinery working smoothly and ensure the right products, fluids and energy are delivered when and where they are needed.

“The right choice of materials is critical to operational excellence, whether manufacturers are moving fluids through pipes, moving products along production lines, or moving energy from source to use,” said Todd Elliott, VP of material solutions.

The company’s portfolio of polymers includes the most advanced engineered materials to help meet current and emerging needs across industrial manufacturing sectors.

At K 2016, Celanese will highlight two strategies to successful movement of materials and fluids and the operational advantages of its offerings.

Material handling

Whether moving packages and products on a conveyer or ensuring consistent machine operations, Celanese tribological polymers enable customers to move faster, boost up-time and service life, and protect products from manufacturing sites to points-of-use.

Its materials that can eliminate the use of external grease or lubricants, dramatically reduce wear and friction, and significantly reduce or eliminate the amount of dirt and dust generated during operation.

Fluid handling

Celanese’s solutions for fluid systems have a high heat tolerance, are chemically resistant and are highly durable.

These materials enable customers to develop fluid handling applications that maintain the flow and filtration of critical resources.

The show will be held from October 19 to 26 in Düsseldorf, Germany.