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Europe: Flexco releases splicing technology


Flexco introduces the Novitool Aero as a low-cost, easy-to-use means of splicing thermoplastic belt materials like polyvinyl chloride or PVC or polyurethane, which are used in the food industry and other applications.

Service engineers can operate it quickly and with little effort.

Belts are securely spliced in just seven to 12 minutes, depending on the material.

All of the components necessary for the welding process are integrated into the system.

The service engineer removes the Novitool Aero from its case, plugs it in and goes to work. A built-in air-cooling system quickly cools the belt after splicing, speeding the work and improves the quality of the splice.

Conveyor operations have to be interrupted only briefly when repairs are necessary.

The Aero splice press is available in five different models ranging in width from 600 – 2100 mm.

There are separate controllers for setting the temperature, time and pressure generated by the built-in compressor.

The splicing operation takes place automatically.

The temperature controller has a scrolling display that navigates the user through the settings in clear text messages.

With two quick-clamping bars it is easy to position and fasten the material in the press.

With the Aero press, the user can achieve different splice temperatures for the upper and lower platen.

This improves the quality of the splice for belts with fabric inlays or those with very thin thermoplastic coatings. The dwell time can be set to the exact second.

Other convenient features are an automatic dwell time countdown and a preheating cycle. Preheating is stepped and controlled to provide better splice results with thicker or less heat-conducting belt materials.

The press has integrated fans in both the upper and lower platen for fast cooling of the splice.

Technicians can operate the Aero with minimal training, generating repeatable, high-quality splices time after time.