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Europe: KSB exhibits pumps, valves at BrauBeviale 2016


KSB Aktiengesellschaft will exhibit the youngest generation of its hygienic Vitachrom single-stage close-coupled pump, at BrauBeviale, November 8-10, 2016in Nurembery, Germany.

It features both the standard connection and, as an option, an 8-mm flexible tube connection for liquid supply to the mechanical seal.

With its electropolished stainless steel surfaces and almost complete lack of dead volume, the pump is easy to clean by clean-in-place/Sterilization In Place).

The type series is European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group-certified and all materials used comply with FDA and EN 1935/2004 standards.

An Atmosphères Explosibles or ATEX-compliant version is available.

The company will also present its PumpMeter LSA for hygienic processes, which is based on its PumpMeter for general use.

The device, which was introduced in 2010, shows at a glance whether a pump is running optimally or uses too much energy.

The differences between PumpMeter LSA and the conventional PumpMeter are the sensors and the way they are installed in the pipe.

The LSA version has been designed in accordance with all standard food industry regulations.