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Asia Pacific: Ajinomoto expands seasoning production in Indonesia

P.T. Ajinomoto Indonesia will invest approximately IDR 307.7 billion (US$23.45 million) to build a new factory to produce menu-specific seasoning Sajiku at its Karawang Factory (West Java).

This would increase total production capacity together with its existing Mojokerto Factory (East Java) by approximately 80%.

In addition to meeting brisk demand, having production at two locations will establish a stable and efficient supply system in the country.

Supported by increased purchasing power associated with economic development, Indonesia’s menu-specific seasonings market is expanding, with approximately 24% average annual growth in the market for seasoned flour due to more frequent consumption (for fiscal 2013 to fiscal 2015, Ajinomoto Co. estimate).

The market for other menu-specific seasonings such as nasi goreng (fried rice) grew at an average annual rate of 22% over the same three-year period (Ajinomoto Co. estimate), and the menu-specific seasonings market is expected to continue to expand due to rising demand from people who want to enjoy delicious food that is easy to prepare.

The Sajiku series of menu-specific seasonings was launched in 1999, and currently P.T. Ajinomoto Indonesia sells three varieties of seasoned flour and 11 other types of menu-specific seasonings.

Sales volume grew at an average annual rate of 23% from fiscal 2012 to fiscal 2015, and is expected to continue to rise due to introduction to new users and increased purchases by existing users.

The new factory will produce mainstay varieties including seasoned flour and nasi goreng seasonings.

The factory will further promote automation and mechanization to raise productivity, and intends to strengthen traceability functions in addition to its existing thorough quality management to ensure that its products are safe and trustworthy.

P.T. Ajinomoto Indonesia will construct a walkway for tours inside the factory so that customers can see and learn about these measures.