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Europe: Henkel releases adhesives for flexible packaging


Henkel releases the LA 7796/LA 6166 solvent-free laminating adhesive from the Loctite Liofol family for flexible packages.

It offers fast decay of primary aromatic amines and is free of cyclic esters that can occur in many polyurethane-based components and are categorized as non-intentionally added substances or NIASs.

The undesired effect of misting at high machine speeds is significantly reduced by the adhesive’s properties.

The new product features high-speed runability, fast further processing, and fast cure.

It enables fast delivery and thus helps to considerably improve cost efficiency.

Loctite Liofol LA 7796/LA 6166 is intended for the lamination of clear and metallized films as well as aluminum foil in food packages and covers an application range that even extends to pasteurization.