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Americas: Snack maker installs 3 tna machines


Snacks manufacturer and co-packer Keystone Food Products has added three tna packaging lines at its facility in Easton, Pennsylvania, US.

As a producer and co-packer of a wide variety of natural and healthy unique corn-based snacks, from tortilla chips to snacks mixes, popcorns and extruded snacks, Keystone depends on flexible, high performance packaging solutions that can easily be integrated into its existing production line.

In addition, the growing market requirement for smaller bag sizes meant Keystone needed to expand the plant’s manufacturing capabilities to address this customer demand while still maintaining profitability.

Keystone installed the tna robag FX 3ci that could be easily integrated with existing equipment.

With performance improvements of up to 30% in both output and the reduction of rejects, this packaging system also increased the speed and precision of the entire production, helping Keystone to optimize performance while catering to the demand for smaller bags.

The system allows any jaw configuration (single, flat, double or triple) or size, and it does not require any mechanical adjustments when changing product or film.

This enables Keystone to make the switch between different bag formats and products.

The snack maker also installed weighing system, tna intelli-weigh omega 314, and intelli-read 3, a barcode scanner.