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Europe: Label producer goes digital with Domino’s label press

ASQ Labels expands into new markets with the wide color gamut and high resolution printing capabilities of Domino’s N610i, ultra violet (UV) digital ink jet label press.

Based in Belgium, ASQ Labels specializes in label printing for a variety of sectors, including high quality food and beverage brands, as well as providing flow-pack printing, wrappers and single-layer packaging.

“We were a heavily sales-driven organization that, until 2008, was successful in the automotive, transport, logistics and warehousing sectors,” says Raf Joos, CEO of ASQ Labels.

“That’s when we realized that high end food and beverage products would be a key area of interest, as there will always be a demand for a high quality label with eye-catching graphics to go with the product.”

“Today we are heavily involved in the Belgian beer and chocolate sectors,” he says.

The system met the company’s requirements:

–  the digital solution had to be able to print directly onto the standard substrate materials used by ASQ without the need for pre-coating;

– the system had to be able to print the high-resolution, bright images that ASQ’s customers expect to see on their product labels; and

– the ability to print transparent labels.

The N610i operates at speeds of up to 75 meters per minute with a 600dpi native resolution and is available in four, five, six and seven colors.

The highly opaque white ink that delivers a silkscreen-like finish is ideal for printing solids through to fine detail onto metallic and clear label materials.

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