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Europe: Campden BRI increases packaging testing equipment

Campden BRI has bought five new pieces of equipment to further expand its range of specialist food and drink packaging testing services.

The investment comes on the back of its industry consultation with its 2,400 members at the beginning of the year, which revealed that one of the big issues the food industry was facing was designing packaging to minimize waste.

Areas highlighted by industry included maintaining the safety and quality of the product throughout its shelf life, delivering safe and compliant packaging, designing packaging to minimize waste, and anticipating and managing the impact of regulatory and technical changes on packaging.

The new kit at Campden BRI includes equipment to carry out pendulum impact tests, automatic can seam assessments, torque and coefficient of friction tests, as well as an environment chamber for precise control of temperature and humidity during oxygen and water vapor transmission tests.

“Manufacturers are keen to reduce food waste and excessive packaging. But light-weighting packaging without compromising its preservation and protection functions is inherently difficult,” says packaging technologist Mike Bonin.

“Go too far and you end up with wasted food, which is much more costly and wasteful. It’s a continual balancing act to try and get more from less.”

“In addition to protecting the quality of the product as it moves through the supply chain, manufacturers are increasingly looking for packaging solutions that can reduce food waste by extending the shelf-life of the product,” he says.

“The investment in additional equipment means we can now offer clients over 30 package performance tests across a range of areas, including strength and integrity, leakage, seam assessment and permeability testing to ensure that packaging meets manufacturers’ specifications and performance requirements.”