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Europe: Hanovia exhibits UV systems at BrauBeviale

Hanovia will be showcasing ultra violet (UV) technology for water and sugar disinfection systems, such as the Performance Qualified (PQ) validated system, at BrauBeviale in Nuremberg, Germany, from November 10 to 12.

The company’s UV disinfection systems provide in process security with performance validation from an authoritative third party.

They offer real-time UV monitoring (including self-compensation for varying water quality), validated UV dose calculations and easy to use controls for biosecurity for the production process and peace of mind for the operator.

The systems come in a range of sizes and treatment capacities to meet typical process requirements.

Designed for easy installation into existing pipework and matching pipe velocities, they are fitted with internal auto-wipers which maintain UV output efficiency by regularly cleaning the quartz sleeve housing the UV lamp.

Lamp replacement is also quick and easy, with the system designed to allow easy access, even in small plant rooms.

Hanovia’s UV systems are provided with the patented ‘UVGuard’, which allows safe checking of the UV sensor (performance monitoring instrument) using a unique ‘eyelid shutter’ design, which protects the operator from exposure to UV light.