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Europe: Packaging training center reaches 500 graduates milestone


The Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre in Spain has in total trained 500 people following the 6th edition of its practical maintenance course.

After five years of organizing 41 advanced courses and technical seminars, more than 500 professionals from 31 countries have broadened their knowledge in different areas of printing and flexible packaging conversion.

“For our company it is an honor to have consolidated this area of knowledge, created by the founder of Comexi Group, with the arrival of student number 500,” said Manel Xifra, chairman of Comexi Group.

During this practical maintenance course, eight professionals from Spain, Mexico, Peru and the Dominican Republic have gained further knowledge of the subject.

The training program spanning four days combines theory and practical sessions using Comexi technologies, and trained participants in preparing and implementing an efficient maintenance program in flexography printing, lamination and slitting machinery.

To date, the Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre has developed courses focusing on flexo printing, lamination, maintenance, color, machine operation and processes pertaining to flexible packaging conversion.

The courses are currently held in Spanish, English, French and Russian.

The Centre works with the Universitat de Girona to credit graduates with the Specialisation Diploma in Flexible Packaging Conversion.

This certificate is given to all professionals attending the advanced sessions in printing, laminating and maintenance, as well as the technical seminars, totaling at least 160 hours.