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Asia Pacific: Fuji Oil Asia opens R&D center in Singapore

The Fuji Oil Asia Research and Development (R&D) Center opened in Singapore early this month.

As the first R&D facility set up by Fuji Oil outside of Japan, the center is dedicated to the creation of safe, tasty and healthy food products for the Asian markets.

Located next to Fuji Oil Singapore’s existing application center, the new 1,900 sqm facility will house 20 employees as a start, including 14 researchers.

By integrating product development, application development and marketing under one roof, Fuji Oil aims to stay ahead of the evolving requirements of the Asian food manufacturers and shorten the time-to-market of products and technologies.

The center will also become a critical platform for mutual technological exchange with Fuji Oil’s global R&D teams, with a focus on nurturing local employees and better positioning them to develop products combining global knowledge and local expertise.

“Fuji Oil has selected Singapore to establish this facility to leverage on its ideal position as the hub of Asia to springboard its business to Southeast Asia; the greater Asian region including India and the Middle East and the African markets,” says Hiroshi Shimizu, president & CEO of Fuji Oil Group.

“The Asian R&D Center will be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to enable our researchers to breed new ideas, spawn new technologies and generate new pipelines of food products.”