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Europe: KHS, AMAL Group to serve Africa’s beverage industry

KHS has signed an agreement with AMAL Group for their service engineers to provide joint assistance to customers in the beverage industry, starting in Angola and later moving into other African states.

Activities include servicing, maintenance and overhaul work for the beverage industry.

The AMAL Group has several production sites and service centers on the African continent.

The company is centrally based in the Angolan capital of Luanda, together with one of its subsidiaries, where it employs around 350 service engineers.

Under the terms of the cooperation designated AMAL engineers complete an extensive, KHS-specific training course so that they can be quickly assigned for customer service and become familiar with the specific situation on site.

KHS has a close-knit worldwide service network which in some regions is supplemented by cooperation with partners.

The focus here is on structurally weak regions where customers are often hard to reach.

“By also using the service networks of select partners we can quickly and efficiently strengthen our proximity to the customer,” says Markus Knabe, head of the central corporate project management division at KHS.

“This gives our customers an even higher line availability and also boosts their competitiveness.”

Accordingly, the ongoing blanket expansion of services is aimed at further securing line availability in the production process, with the service cooperation to cover other African states in the medium term.

KHS already has other successful service cooperation agreements similar to the one in Angola in force in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.