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Europe: drupa innovation park 2016 to hold house six theme parks

The drupa innovation park 2016 (dip) will consist of six theme parks that will display current trends and topics along with business cases associated with process-oriented print and publishing solutions from May 31 to June 10, 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“The dip is a fantastic way for young companies and start-ups as well as global players with forward looking solutions and applications to present themselves,” says director Sabine Geldermann.

“Since its first appearance at drupa 2004, the ‘dip’ has made a name for itself in the industry as a pioneering technology and solution platform for the international print and media industry and we are building on this success.”

“In line with the strategic restructuring of drupa 2016 and its focus on highlight topics, the drupa innovation park, with its six themed areas, will provide an opportunity for visitors to acquire insights into the technologies of the future.”

Visitors to the dip will find trend-setting innovations, solutions and business cases in one centrally and clearly laid-out platform.

They can enjoy opportunities from dip trademarks like the integrated communication concept on the presentation stage and in the ‘dip energy lounge’.

The 3,000 sqm area will feature:

1. Multichannel Publishing & Marketing Solutions

This area covers topics such as management of cross-media content/assets, web and app publishing, database publishing and marketing and brand management solutions.

Also potential applications and trends such as augmented reality, near field communications applications or customized mass production.

2. Web-to-Media and E-Commerce

This area focuses on solutions for web-to-publish or web-to-print, E-commerce and shop platforms, cloud publishing and web editors for design/print and HTML 5.

3. Process Optimization & Automation

Visitors to this area can expect to find solutions and innovation on the following topics: management information systems, enterprise resource planning, print automation with job definition format/job messaging format, workflow management from pre-press to finishing, process and quality control systems, industrial robots and automation technologies .

4. Added Value in Print

The focus here is on finishing, further development and the advanced added-value of print products, including innovative substrates, new finishing methods, packaging, labeling printing and displays, green printing and secure printing

5. Innovations in Printing Technologies

Modern printing and process technologies will be presented in this theme park and visitors will find applications for functional printing, printed electronics, three dimensional printing, solutions for prototyping, visualization and workflow.

6. Business Models

Alongside technological changes, new business concepts and models have an ever more important role to play.

These and strategic cooperation and marketing platforms, finance concepts and franchising and licence models are the subject of this innovation park.