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Europe: Sidel, Nestlé Waters celebrates 50 years of partnership

Sidel is the leading global provider of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) solutions for liquid packaging and Nestlé Waters is the number one bottled water company worldwide.

As key companies within the beverage industry, Sidel and Nestlé Waters have been instrumental in many significant developments, with Nestlé Waters being one of the first companies to switch from glass to plastic before the revolution in PET made it the preferred choice for bottlers of water throughout the world.

Representatives from Nestlé Waters and parent company Nestlé joined Sidel for the commemorative event at the latter’s plant in Octeville, France.

AT the event, guests saw the latest developments from Sidel as part of a tour of the facility, including the first Sidel Matrix Combi Hotfill, a Predis dry preform decontamination system and two blowers that are soon to be supplied for operation at Nestlé Waters’ sites: the first Sidel Matrix Lab blower which will produce bottles for Vittel, a still natural mineral water which originates from the Vosges region in the east of France, and a Sidel Matrix Combi that will be used in the bottling of the naturally carbonated iconic Perrier brand.

Both are among the many brands to benefit from the close partnership between Sidel and Nestlé Waters.

Vittel was first commercialised in plastic bottles in the 1960’s when Sidel supplied the extrusion blow moulders.

Since then the company has been involved at every stage of the brand’s development, including assisting in the redesign of the distinctive ribbed bottle to move from a square to a round shape, with its v-shaped patterns on the shoulders, for a brand that is today sold in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Sidel worked with Perrier to validate the design of their first ever PET bottle, providing a range of equipment that continues to be used for a brand that is widely exported all around the world.

Partnership for future success

Much of the success of the relationship is attributed to a partnership approach rather than operating on a simple customer-supplier basis.

“This celebration event is recognition for all the efforts made by Sidel to deeply understand and respond to Nestlé Waters’ challenges and needs,” says David Findlay, Nestlé Waters Executive senior VP Operations.

“This long standing relationship has helped us to perform and better compete in our business. I have every confidence we have built a great platform to be even more successful in the future.”

“This year marks 50 years of partnership, collaboration and numerous successes in the field of bottled water,” says Henri Attias, VP Global Key Accounts at Sidel.

“For half a century, teams at Nestlé Waters and Sidel have worked together to support the development of the international brand portfolio of Nestlé Waters and ensure operational excellence. And we intend to continue.”