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Europe: Arla Foods Ingredients presents high protein concepts at HiE 2014

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Snacks that are healthy, tasty and easy to consume are set to shape the future of how people eat and drink, says Arla Foods Ingredients.

Research shows that as many as 90% of adults snack daily, with the average person consuming 2.2 snacks a day.

Pleasure and convenience are the key drivers to purchase – but the winners in the snacking category will be products that combine these two essential attributes with positive health credentials such as those offered by dairy proteins, states the company.

It has created a package of three healthy snacking concepts incorporating high quality dairy proteins.

The concepts offer food and beverage companies a way into the snacks category with added-value products that consumers will want to buy time and time again.

They will be showcased at Health Ingredients Europe, which takes place in Amsterdam from December 2 to 4, 2014.

“High quality milk proteins such as whey offer a wide range of health benefits, including increased levels of satiety and stabilization of blood glucose levels, which are fantastic for healthy snacking concepts,” says Troels Laursen, head of health and performance nutrition.

“With consumers leading increasingly busy lives, they struggle to find time to eat three sit-down meals a day, and we believe snacking is the future of eating.”

“However, it will be healthy snacks that are key to maximizing success, and the concepts we’ve developed for HIE will showcase the benefits of dairy proteins in snack products that offer consumers nutritious and guilt-free indulgence.”

The three new healthy snacking concepts developed by Arla Foods Ingredients are a high protein smoothie made with whey protein Lacprodan Smooth80, 100% whey-based drink that incorporates Lacprodan DI-7017, and a protein bar that is formulated with natural milk protein Nutrilac.