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Asia Pacific: Flexco to present solutions for belts in Indonesian show


Flexco will introduce Novitool Amigo, a splice press for monolithic belts at AllPack Indonesia in Jakarta from October 21 to 24, 2014.

The system is a new concept in the joining of solid polyester and polyurethane conveyor belts that produces high-quality splices in a fast and safe manner.

It was engineered for precision belt splicing.

Custom templates secure the belt when cut to ensure accurate pitch control and contactless heating.

This allows splicing in less than one minute and finishes with a controlled and even splice.

The company will also feature the Alligator Quick Fix Splice Kit.

Designed for quick, easy, and low-cost installation of mechanical belt fasteners, every kit comes complete with the fasteners specified for the job, a coordinating hinge pin, and a setting tool. Installation is complete with just a hammer.

The color-coded kits also come with simple-to-follow pictorial instructions, eliminating the issue of language barriers.

In addition, Flexco will also be presenting its Novitool Aero Portable Splice Press, a fully integrated single unit that eliminates the need for additional external systems, such as water tanks and pumps.

The easy-to-use, lightweight press produces a quality splice with quick cycle times.

The rapid heating and air-cooling system typically provides a seven to 12 minute splice cycle, effectively reducing downtime.