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Europe: Blendhub opens center, NIR library for food powder blends sector

Blendhub Corp. has opened its sixth Quality Excellence Center with near infra-red (NIR) libraries for food additives.

It has more than 10,000 samples of over 300 raw materials, and offers users with open formulas or, individually, using the center as an external quality laboratory.

The center is designed to meet the food safety standards and carries out NIR analysis, both qualitative and quantitative under different modalities, and providing its customers integrated solutions, even without the need for them to have their own experts.

Through its “NIR Everywhere” services, other food companies can identify their products through qualitative analysis, hiring the creation of their models or accessing the existing ones in the company’s NIR library, and quantitative, obtaining the physicochemical properties of a product and saving costs over the use of external laboratories.

Blendhub Corp. allows other food companies access to its NIR library, by purchase or through a monthly usage license, which includes all the updates delivered by the company.

In addition to these services, the center carries out samples quality control processes, for both raw materials and finished products, and provides external analysis management services to other enterprises, using their suppliers, and saving them time and costs.

It offers consultation services, helping other food companies to make the best use of their NIR devices, create models for qualitative and quantitative studies, or train their professionals in NIR models development.

For companies purchasing or hiring the services of the Portable Powder Blending factory, marketed by the company with the same name included in the Blendhub group, the center provides the maintenance services of the NIR system integrated into these blending plants.