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Amercias: Aluminum can industry recycling challenge brings more than $133,600 to charities

The Great American Can RoundUp Industry Challenge, sponsored by the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), has crowned Rexam Beverage Can North America as the 2012-2013 winner.

This year, the aluminum can industry collected and recycled 178,000 pounds of beverage cans, raising more than $133,600 for local charities in the US.

Rexam’s North American beverage can headquarters office in Chicago recycled more than 55,700 pounds of aluminum cans (671 pounds per employee), which equates to more than $42,000 raised for various local charities.

Ball Corporation’s Findlay, OH, facility came in second place by recycling 37,756 pounds of cans (104 pounds per employee), followed by Rexam’s Whitehouse, OH, facility at 8,846 pounds (68 pounds per employee).

The winners were selected from the highest per-capita collection rates based on the number of pounds of aluminum collected per employee at each site.

CMI sponsors the Great American Can RoundUp Industry Challenge annually to promote awareness around the environmental benefits of recycling aluminum cans.

Participation from American can manufacturers and aluminum suppliers is the backbone of the competitions success.

Rexam, Ball Corporation, Crown Holdings Inc., Novelis and Alcoa all engage their facilities around the country to collect and recycle aluminum beverage cans.

The plant facilities partner together with their local schools, charities and other organizations to spread the recycling message.

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