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Europe: 53 countries use FSC-certified carton packages, says Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak says the number of countries selling products in Tetra Pak packages bearing the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label has risen to 40% from 2012 to 2013.

Marking FSC Friday on September 27, 2013, Tetra Pak says its customers in 53 countries adopt the responsible forest management label, compared with 38 in 2012.

During that time, more than 27 billion Tetra Pak packages bearing the mark have appeared on retail shelves worldwide.

“The FSC label helps raise awareness of the importance of responsible forest management among consumers worldwide, enabling them to make informed purchasing choices,” said Nils Björkman, Executive Vice President Commercial Operations.

“People depend on forests to support many different aspects of their lives – from supplying essential raw materials for a host of everyday items, to their fundamental role in balancing nature’s complex ecosystems.”

The FSC certification is aimed at achieving environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management while bringing added-value to customers and retailers, who are increasingly seeking the FSC label.

To ensure a responsible and sustainable supply of timber products, Tetra Pak in 2012 used an average 70% of material from renewable sources to produce 173 billion carton packages that were sold worldwide.

Since the introduction of the world’s first FSC-labelled liquid food cartons in the UK in 2007, Tetra Pak has worked with suppliers, customers, consumers and non-government organisations to raise awareness of the importance of ensuring responsible forest management and the value of using renewable materials such as wood.

“When properly managed the supply of renewable resources is virtually unlimited,” said Björkman.

Today, FSC-labelled Tetra Pak packages are available across the globe, but volumes are limited by the availability of FSC-certified wood, with only 15% of the world’s productive forests currently certified.

The company is working with FSC and stakeholders to support increased FSC certification of forests such as raising awareness among consumers about the importance of using responsibly managed renewable materials.

For example, consumer awareness of the label in the UK and Ireland has doubled from 19% in 2007 to 38% in 2013, as the number of FSC-labelled Tetra Pak packages and promotional campaigns has increased.

In 2013, 65% of Tetra Pak packages in the UK carry the FSC label.

To help raise awareness of the importance of responsible forestry management, Tetra Pak in May 2013 launched a global programme focused on sustainable, renewable materials, with the slogan The Pack that Grows Back.

The programme aims to reach consumers at multiple touch points around the world, using social media promotions, on-pack advertisements and in-store campaigns, supported by dedicated websites packed full of information regarding this important topic.

FSC Friday is an event promoted by the Forest Stewardship Council that is designed to celebrate the world’s forests and highlight the importance of responsible forest management.

It occurs on the last Friday in September.

Every year, schools, businesses, individuals, forest owners/managers and other organisations around the world get involved in spreading the word about FSC and responsible forestry.