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Americas: Kemin Industries offers ingredients library online

Kemin Industries has released an ingredient library on its website to help customers identify ideal color, freshness and safety solutions for meat and poultry, baked goods, snacks and fats and oils.

The ingredient library showcases the Kemin ingredient solutions, including:

– Acerola: label-friendly, multi-purpose ingredient that can be used as a cure accelerator in alternatively cured meats and color protection in fresh meat products.
– Green tea: consumer-friendly product that can be used to maximize flavor and color retention during long-term storage in red meats and all beef/pork sausage applications.
– Rosemary: a clean label alternative to synthetics that can be used in a wide range of applications to help delay flavor and color loss.
– Propionic acid: safe to use as a preservative and flavoring agent in various types of packaged foods, keeping products fresh while enhancing flavor.
– Dry calcium propionate: used in a wide variety of food products to help preserve food by interfering with the ability of molds and bacteria to reproduce.
– Buffered vinegar: label-friendly ingredient that can be used in all meats to enhance the safety of ready-to-eat products by controlling Listeria while maintaining taste and texture.

“Each ingredient has a dedicated page on our digital library with a summary of the ingredient’s history, sourcing, usage and areas of application,” said marketing director Kemin Food Technologies – Americas Courtney Schwartz.

“Now, the industry can easily access our ingredient library and find out more about how our range of oxidation control and food safety solutions can help products stay fresher and safer for longer.”

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