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Europe: Proseal releases ultra-hygienic conveyor

Proseal has developed a new ultra-hygienic conveyor to help food manufacturers meet the highest food quality and safety standards.

The next generation OC Conveyor incorporates a features that avoid potential food traps, together with an enhanced design which ensures fast and thorough cleaning during wash down.

The new fully folded construction of the conveyor has removed any box sections or tubing.

These are areas where food can sometimes fall through or become trapped.

In particular, sealed tubes have the potential for bacteria to develop if the integrity of the tube is breached in any way, for example through a small hole or crack in the weld, since the inside of the tube cannot be cleaned.

Similarly, open wiring looms have replaced the more common wire bundles, removing another potential food trap and providing easier access for the cleaning of individual cables.

A further significant feature is the replacement of moving belts with a new wash-through chain transport system.

This avoids any food traps and speeds up cleaning as well as eliminating belt maintenance costs.

This latest version of Proseal’s OC Conveyor retains all its existing benefits including a modular design that allows customers to specify length, width and tray pitch for precise integration into the production line.

It can pack up to 60 items per minute in single lane configuration and 120 packs per minute in twin lane.

There is a user-friendly, menu-drive control panel for ease of operation and fast setup and changeovers.

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