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Europe: Bosch opens new packaging, testing center

Bosch Packaging Technology opens its first technical research, development and testing center for filling and sealing liquid and viscous products in Koenigsbrunn, Germany.

The 450 sqm building has three test rooms for food products, production lines and packaging materials.

The Ampack Technikum is divided into three separate sections, each dedicated to a different stage of testing and analysis based on the customer’s products, production and packaging needs.

The first is a microbiological laboratory for chemical and technical assessments, as well as the evaluation of the sterility of selected packaging materials and machine components.

“By evaluating the sterility of containers of different types (cups, trays and bottles) we can find the ideal decontamination method that ensures the maximum safety for customer-specific products,” explains Rico Randegger, Ampack GM, centre of competence at Bosch Packaging Technology for aseptic filling.

The Ampack team runs several sterilization tests, for example with hydrogen peroxide or pulsed light, and carries out research on new decontamination methods for sustainable packaging materials.

“In the second room, our team runs mechanical tests, including the inspection of the doing and sealing process in sterile conditions.”

“At this stage, we technically fine-tune the dosing and sealing process with customer products to ensure an optimum dosing result and sealing quality.”

“Additionally, customers can fill product samples for advertising and marketing purposes (such as consumer tests) on our aseptic lab filler,” adds Randegger.

“The last room is a typical research and development center, where Bosch professionals complete the testing phase and develop new functions for the selected packaging materials, machine modules or applications.”

“Here we have enough space to test run a complete filling machine to validate machine performance under realistic conditions,” said Randegger.

“Additionally, we optimize the production process with regard to handling and usability, and offer other services, such as hands-on training for improved maintenance.”

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