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Americas: Givaudan launches platform for businesses

Givaudan has launched MISTA to enable start-ups and corporations to optimize ideas, products, people and investments.

Located in San Francisco, US, MISTA will open its physical premises in early 2019.

The 650 sqm MISTA Optimisation Center will provide access to a product development facility, equipment for pasteurization and fermentation, experts providing market and leadership development strategies, as well as input from world renowned culinary and food scientists.

“MISTA, which means ‘tasty morsel’ in Sanskrit, is all about the creation of a new business model focused on product innovation and development for the food industry,” explains Scott May, VP of innovation and Head of MISTA.

“with the intention and capabilities to create the future of food.”

From alternative protein, to health and well-being and biotechnology, MISTA aims to help companies develop new ways of thinking, leading to innovative solutions to the constant challenges in food and beverage industry.

It can also help companies with scale up, distribution, building a team and searching for partners.

The MISTA team plans to target 20 start-ups to bring into its hyper-connected platform within the first year, with about 10 of those start-ups located on premises at its headquarters.