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Americas: Cargill releases potato starches for meat applications

Cargill releases the SimPure starches for low-processing conditions that are also label friendly for meat, meat alternatives and culinary applications.

SimPure 99500 creates firm and meaty textures without the salty taste as a result of its water binding capabilities.

This cook-up starch is a cost effective texturizer designed for meat and meat alternatives.

Meanwhile, SimPure 99530, a functional cook up starch, delivers dispersibility, ideal for use in dehydrated culinary and dairy applications for immediate consumption.

It is easy to use in both industrial and home settings with a delayed but full viscosity development.

This means there is no lumping when mixed with hot water and top quality texture in the final product.

SimPure 99570 and 99571 are two new instant viscosifying starches designed for use in cold prepared soups, sauces, desserts and fillings.

These functional starches differ in particle size to offer either a smoother texture (fine particle size) or a pulpier texture (coarser particle size).

The SimPure native starch portfolio was launched in October 2017 to address consumer demand for label-friendly products.

The first tailor made starch, SimPure 99560, was designed to effectively replace modified starches in frozen meals and slow cooked meats.

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