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Europe: Piping system with portioning feature

Unifiller Systems will showcase its latest portioning system, the Piping Bag Station, at bakery trade fair IBA in Munich, Germany from Sept 15 to 20, 2018.

Using the Piping Bag Station, decorators can easily and hygienically trigger the filling of a piping bag.

By connecting the pastry bag directly to the outlet of the machine and turning on the switch, operators can fill pastry bags in seconds with minimal effort or strain.

Capable of filling up to 10 pastry bags a minute, the Piping Bag Station will drastically reduce product waste and improve efficiency for cake decorators.

It can pump into bags directly from any pail or bowl of pre-whipped icing, the Piping Bag Station features a design that mixes and softens icings prior to filling bags.

Less human effort to mix and pump icing leads to less exposure to human contamination.

Decorators can quickly finish cakes or cupcakes with icings, toppings, fillings or creams using their own piping bags or those provided with the machine.

The machine’s simple stainless steel, tool-free design makes maintenance, change-over, and disassembly quick and easy.

Capable of 120 deposits a minute, the machine has three piping bag adapters with pastry clamps, pastry bags, and a pail support tray.

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