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Europe: Zanders exhibits NGR papers in show

Zanders will present its natural barrier paper without using fluorocarbon or other chemicals called Zanbarrier NGR at FachPack 2018 from September 25 to 27 in Nuremberg, Germany.

The company will also exhibit label papers and cartonboards, including the high-gloss qualities of the Chromolux premium brand, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

The abbreviation NGR in Zanbarrier NGR stands for natural grease resistant.

During production, the cellulose fibers are subjected to an intense grinding process over several refining stages.

The surface area of the fiber is greatly enlarged, so that the absorption of water into the fibers is greatly increased creating a gel-like fiber mass (‘slow draining’) because the fibers would feel greasy after refining.

The cellulose fibers treated in this way form a tight, strong cross-linked sheet structure on the paper machine thus creating a finished paper which has a 100% natural barrier to oil and grease without the use of fluorocarbon or other chemicals.

The applications for the new Zanbarrier NGR are identical to those of conventional barrier papers such as for flexible food packaging requiring oil and grease-resistance and wet-strength papers.

These include fast food packaging such as doner kebab, french fries; butter wrappers, bread roll bags, food labels as well as pizza and confectionery cartons.

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