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Asia Pacific: Ingredion releases plating agent to make powders from liquids

Ingredion introduces in Asia Pacific the N-Zorbit 2144 plating agent, a high-capacity carrier that allows manufacturers to economically transform a wide variety of both oil- and water-soluble liquids into powdered ingredients.

The ingredient is a next generation plating agent with a unique, porous structure that increases the surface area exposed to liquids, facilitating absorption.

Due to the non-gelatinized and unique granular structure of the ingredient, it can be used to carry high-flavor concentrations that flow freely through processing equipment and mix evenly into food and beverage recipes.

The unique structure and composition of the plating agent contributes to an optimal particle size that can deliver a plating capacity as high as 40%.

This means 100 g of Nzorbit 2144 can plate up to 70 g of liquid, delivering far more than traditional carriers such as maltodextrin.

High plating capacity brings cost-in-use benefits while delivering the same amount of flavor with less use of carrier.

The plating agent can be used to deliver powdered versions of oil and water-based flavors and seasonings.

It also adds thick honey, chocolate syrup and other viscous fluids to the range of ingredients that can be made into powders without the added expense of spray drying.

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