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Europe: Cargill to grow portfolio at German site

Cargill will grow and diversify its product portfolio at its starches and sweeteners plant in Krefeld, Germany, with products such as vegetable wheat protein, specialized industrial wheat starches and advanced bio-fuel.

This will require transitioning the site from a corn to wheat processing facility.

Cargill’s corn processing facility at Krefeld produces starches and sweeteners from corn for a series of food, feed and industrial applications.

As part of its long-term strategy, the transformation to wheat will broaden Cargill’s product portfolio to address changing consumer needs such as an increasing demand for protein rich foods, rising need for paper and packaging solutions and renewable energy sources.

The transformation is expected to be completed in 2020.

“Cargill wants to address the growing needs of its customers and the market – both in the Germany and across Europe – such as the increasing demand for vegetable proteins driven by a growing world population and the rising need for industrial starches used in packaging”, says Alain Dufait, Cargill Starches & Sweeteners Europe MD.

“In addition, we are exploring the opportunity to manufacture and offer our customers advanced bio-fuel produced from low-value streams.”