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Asia Pacific: Natural preservative for frying oils

Arjuna Naturals Extracts launches its natural preservative formulation for combating oxidation, thermal degradation, hydrolytic rancidity and extending the frying cycle of vegetable oils.

The all-natural preservative formulation contains a few ingredients and enables a clean label.

It is GMO-free, oil-soluble and vegan.


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has revised its standards to allow for reuse of vegetable oil in frying and cooking applications until the oil reaches a maximum total polar compound limit of 25%.

Any edible oil used for frying application that crosses this maximum limit of TPC will be considered unsafe.

Arjuna’s formulation helps manufactures use oil for frying more quantity by slowing down the oxidative degradation due to reuse, thus keeping the oil safe.

Frying oil profiles

Frying oils contain sensitive mixtures of different unsaturated fatty acids that influence oxidative stability.

Degradation of frying oil occurs quickly due to higher temperature, oxidative degradation and hydrolytic rancidity.

These cause rapid deterioration that leads to unpleasant flavors and odors, and undesirable color changes in both the oil and in the food fried in it.

Food and foodservice companies typically evaluate Peroxide Value, which measures oxidative degradation only and hydrolytic rancidity measured by Free Fatty Acids both of which fluctuates during frying.