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Europe: Tetra Pak releases modular portfolio of heating systems


Tetra Pak has launched Intelligent Customisation, a modular portfolio of heating systems based on its technologies in dairy, beverages and prepared food processing.

The solution enables every heating solution to be customized to meet specific needs.

The company has completed trials of the new modular portfolio with customers in Europe and Russia.

“Following detailed discussions from the beginning on the concept development and new area design, Tetra Pak was able to provide us with a new processing line that was tailor-made to our needs to improve plant performance,” says Alexander Belyanov, the director of OJSC Bogdanovich GMZ.

“The new module approach was more convenient in terms of installation, efficiency and performance, plus, all the service media connections are mounted at the same place, making it more accessible and practical.”

With the new portfolio, solutions can for example be upgraded to support a product expansion from milk and cream, to beverages with particles, or from baby food purée to a wider range of prepared food products.