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Americas: Foaming creamers for Italian coffee

FrieslandCampina Kievit releases a foaming creamer range for premium Italian coffee from a sachet.

The foaming creamers Vana-Cappa 25W, Vana-Cappa 40V, Vana-Cappa 26W and Vana-Cappa 23W offers a high, creamy froth, a lasting, spoonable foam, a premium mouthfeel and superior taste.

In cappuccino and other Italian coffees, they create a high milk foam.

In particular, the Vana-Cappa 25W promises unparalleled foam height with reasonable high density fitting a normal sized sachet.

Meanwhile, the Vana-Cappa 40V has a high fat level and a matrix based only on skimmed milk powder and sweet whey powder.

It can be used in a premium cappuccino, hot chocolate or coffee with milk.

The Vana-Cappa 25W and 40V are dairy enriched, as the range is free from hydrogenated vegetable oil and is low in sugar.