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Europe: Baker Perkins opens innovation center


Baker Perkins opens its Industrial Extrusion Innovation Centre in Peterborough, UK for chemical, plastics, pharmaceutical, packaging and construction materials trials.

It has full powder coating production facilities and research and development services for industrial extrusion applications as well.

It is available for companies that are looking to develop new products and processes, produce samples, or conduct feasibility trials, as well as exploring a change from batch to continuous processing.

The center offers the use of a MPX24 Integra twin-screw extruder with feeder, chill roll and flaking unit.

There are also grinding, curing and spraying facilities, as well as analytical instruments to check for consistency and quality for characteristics including thickness, gloss and imperfections.

The hot-melt extrusion process available through the MPX24 Integra is appropriate for any application that involves mixing and thermal processing of a wide range of granules, pellets and powders.

Liquids, low-density materials and low-volume additives can all be injected into the mix.