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Europe: GEA supplies cheese production line to BMI


BMI has selected GEA to supply an extended pasta filata cheese production line for its site in Jessen, Germany.

This project will involve cheese-making expertise from GEA’s acquires companies de Klokslag and CMT in 2014 and 2015 respectively, as well as GEA’s flow and processing experience.

BMI brings together independent dairies and milk-supplying cooperatives to produce fresh dairy products including over 60 million tons of cheese every year.

The GEA plant will expand BMI’s production capability of pizza cheese by around 2.5 tons/hour for the supply of pizza cheese in 15 kg Euroblocks worldwide.

The contract with GEA is for the extension of one of BMI’s three cheese lines.

The scope of supply includes: the revision of the existing salt system, cooker and stretcher; two GEA CMT DMC modules; and a GEA de Klokslag brining system.

The components will be brought together to form a continuous production line using GEA piping, engineering and control systems.

Assembly work will begin on site in January 2018 and GEA engineers will commission the project in March 2018.