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Asia Pacific: Ajinomoto builds plant in Myanmar

Myanmar Ajinomoto Foods (MAF) has invested about US$10 million to build a packaging plant for umami seasoning Aji-No-Moto that began full-scale operation in August 2017 and started sales in Myanmar.

In 1996, Ajinomoto established Myanmar Ajinomoto Industry in Yangon to package and sell Aji-No-Moto.

Due to changes in business conditions, the company suspended business activities in April 2000.

With Myanmar’s policy of opening up its economy since 2011, exports of Aji-No-Moto from Ajinomoto (Thailand) for sale in Myanmar began in 2012.

Due to further progress of the country’s economic openness since then, MAF was established in February 2016 and has been preparing to restart local packaging and sales.

In the same Thilawa Special Economic Zone, Ajinomoto Co. has invested approximately US$22 million to build a plant for Birdy 3 in 1 powdered beverages.

The plant is currently under construction, and the start of sales is scheduled for April 2018.

In addition, a production line for Ros Dee flavor seasonings is scheduled to be installed at the Aji-No-Moto packaging plant during 2018.