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Asia Pacific: Ingredion introduces tapioca flours for clean label

Ingredion launches Homecraft Create multifunctional tapioca flours.

The flours, which will be introduced in phases globally, provide exceptional flavour release and enhanced, creamy textures that allow food manufacturers to reduce fat content and improve nutrition profiles.

They also deliver higher viscosity than clean label starches in some applications, offering opportunities for cost savings.

The flours support non-GMO and gluten-free claims.

The number of new products formulated globally with tapioca flours has seen a 38% compound annual growth rate since 2012, according to Mintel.

“Flours are highly recognized and also have a superior degree of acceptance, given their association with minimal processing, which consumers perceive to be healthy,” says Dan Haley, director of the global Wholesome Springboard at Ingredion.

“The challenge for food manufacturers has been to formulate with flour without compromising flavor, texture, appearance and a gluten-free positioning.”

“Tapioca is a versatile ingredient, suitable for formulations from yogurts to soups and cooking sauces,” says Chong Hui Cheng, marketing manager, APAC.

“Tapioca is a familiar and staple food ingredient in Asia Pacific. Our proprietary research shows that two out of three consumers in the region accept tapioca flour as a food ingredient.”