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Asia Pacific: Suntory in Singapore launches global walk program

Suntory Beverage & Food Asia Pte Ltd (SBFA) launches the ‘One Suntory Walk’, a global initiative to drive employee health management in conjunction with water environmental management.

The event, which takes place throughout the month of October, challenges all 38,000 employees globally to walk together to raise funds for a chosen charity.

Over 6,800 employees will represent SBFA as the ‘APAC Walking Team’ to support The Nature Conservancy, a charity with an enduring commitment to protect nature for people today and for future generations.

With more than 60 years of conservation efforts, The Nature Conservancy’s mission was a perfect fit with Suntory’s focus on water sustainability.

The program was developed by the Suntory Group for employees to generate vitality and be ready to take on new challenges with a healthy body and energetic mind.

With the corporate mission to Create Harmony with People and Nature, ‘One Suntory Walk’ was thus launched as a first step towards advocating a healthy workforce while raising funds towards the conservation of nature and water.

The event will also complement Suntory’s Natural Water Sanctuary Projects which started in 2003, and is a bold move to further improve our environmental footprint on a global level.

The final donation amount to the selected three charities will depend on the ranking of the teams in accordance with the average number of steps their team members walk in the month of October.

The results will be tallied using FitSap, a multi-language cloud-based application developed by SAP Japan.

The total donation amount is USD$200,000 (approximately SGD$270,000), with the top team donating USD$80,000, while the second and third teams donating US$70,000 and US50,000 respectively.