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Americas: Allpax, LSU partner on shelf-stable products

Allpax and the School of Nutrition and Food Sciences, Louisiana State University (LSU) Agricultural Center will be exhibiting their equipment models, process, and data for shelf-stable foods at Pack Expo in Las Vegas, taking place September 25-27.

Due to technology enhancements in production and countless research studies, shelf-stable foods can be a delightful culinary experience that is comparable to refrigerated and frozen product.

The Allpax Shaka retort capability can for example reduce the cook and cooling time required for in-container sterilization of low-acid foods.

“We have the ability to prepare and package foods into metal cans and injection in-mold-label oxygen barrier packaging,” says Dr. Louise Wicker, professor and director of the school.

“We can evaluate foods after retort processing for quality, acceptance, and stability and allow informed decisions about commercial viability.”

An Allpax 2402 multi-mode retort will be on display at Pack Expo, similar to the one used at LSU.

Each 2402 multimode R&D retort is customized to the specifications of the lab.

One unit can offer as many modes as the customer chooses.

These multimode retorts can run saturated steam, steam air overpressure, water immersion, water spray, and water cascade processes in combination with seven easily changeable modular agitation modes – still, end-over-end, swinging, Gentle Motion shaking (low-speed), The Shaka (high-speed), hydrostatic simulation, and axial rotation.

These units accommodate cans, bottles, pouches, cups, trays, metals, glass, plastics, and double-seam film and foil closures for testing flavors and films.