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Europe: Baker Perkins releases small batch depositor

Baker Perkins releases the ServoForm Mini, which is a small batch/lab-scale depositor that deposits candy syrup or fruit paste into solid molds at up to 54kg/hr.

Ideally suited to the functional and medicated confectionery sector, it can produce gummies, jellies, hard candy and lollipops on the same machine: switching between formats using different molds.

Applications include small to medium batch manufacture, new product development and production of marketing samples.

Many gummy products are made using a starch molding process that is incompatible with Current Good Manufacturing Practice or cGMP and incapable of validation.

The ServoForm Mini uses a starchless process with solid molds, non-contact ejection system, a fully automatic wash-through function and no recycling of starch.

Such starchless depositing adheres to the principles of cGMP, and the process is capable of validation to FDA/EMEA standards.

It offers high accuracy throughout the mixing, cooking and depositing processes: exactly the right proportion of active ingredients is added, every deposited piece is precisely the same weight, and the process is reproducible.